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God Magik Press in Canada

We've been getting a lot of press in the Bay Area in California but things are starting to pick up in Canada. This article is from one of the top music writers there. Thanks for the mention!

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Marine Veteran & Firefighter Ask for Prayer

With New Album to Fight Cancer Marine Veteran & Firefighter Ask for Prayer, Says “I Believe in Miracles” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 27, 2023 (SAN FRANCISCO) – Bay Area Marine Corps Combat Veteran John Preston appeared on KTVU Fox’s Mornings on 2 to ask for prayer while promoting his recently released compilation album “God Magik”, a compilation album to… Continue reading Marine Veteran & Firefighter Ask for Prayer

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God Magik Album Available This might be the single best project I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on. The day my doctor called to tell me my biopsy results came back and it was breast cancer is one I’ll never forget. The words rocked me to my core. The news could have sent me into a downward… Continue reading God Magik Album Available

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Nashville Artist Adam Bruno Featured on GOD MAGIK, A Breast Cancer Compilation Album

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 17, 2023 (NASHVILLE, TN) – Nashville singer/songwriter Adam Bruno will be featured on God Magik – Hope & Perseverance, a compilation album developed to bring awareness to breast cancer. Bruno’s track “Chance to Lose It All”, written six years ago during the most difficult night of his life, is an honest look at the possibility of losing… Continue reading Nashville Artist Adam Bruno Featured on GOD MAGIK, A Breast Cancer Compilation Album

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God Magik iTunes Pre-order

We hope you'll support all the independent artists on this album by pre-ordering the record on iTunes here. This link will only work on phones. Apple is blocking iTunes links from working and redirecting to Apple Music in the hopes of getting customers to sign up for streaming instead (they make more money and artists… Continue reading God Magik iTunes Pre-order

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Fresh Start for 2023

Where to begin? It's been just over one year since I received my breast cancer diagnoses. Last year was both traumatic and a spiritual awakening. One breast mammogram, one diagnostic breast mammogram, two breast biopsies, two breast cancer diagnoses, Covid twice, a bilateral mastectomy, one reconstructive breast surgery, a surgical biopsy on my uterus, diagnosis… Continue reading Fresh Start for 2023

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A Life Worth Living Again

Cancer - that ugly word that nobody ever expects to hear. How do I even begin to explain how deeply this disease has affected me even now after I can say I've beaten it? Nobody can truly comprehend what one goes through from diagnosis, breast removal, treatment, aftercare and reconstructive surgeries. There are many days… Continue reading A Life Worth Living Again

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God Moments

Today's update may not be your cup of tea because I plan on being a little more graphic as I explain the next steps in my reconstructive surgery so if you don't want to know the details then feel free to pass on this post. I do, however, highly recommend that you read through anyway… Continue reading God Moments

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God Is Great!

This morning I received the best news I’ve had since my diagnosis. Not only am I cancer free, I do NOT need chemotherapy. I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who has stood by me, had my back, listened to me, wiped my tears, let me scream, understood my mood swings and loved me anyway.… Continue reading God Is Great!

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Yes, I’m Faking It

I've been a little on the quiet side as far as updates are concerned. Partly it's because there hasn't been much to report but also due to the fact that I've felt a little like a Debbie Downer lately. My emotions have been all over the spectrum. I've posted photos of me going out with… Continue reading Yes, I’m Faking It

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Feeling Motivated

I haven't had the motivation to give an update for a while. The last few weeks have been challenging to say the least. Last Tuesday the cosmetic surgeon finally removed the drains and set me free! It was just one day shy of three weeks of having those hand grenades dragging me down. I'd never… Continue reading Feeling Motivated

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Drowning In My Own Tears

Man, I thought my first post about being diagnosed with breast cancer was hard but today I'm drowning in tears from my own emotions. Since the diagnosis I've been extremely upbeat and optimistic, knowing with God by my side that I'll get through anything. I've had an amazing support system, fantastic doctors who've helped me… Continue reading Drowning In My Own Tears


My Battle Will Be Won

Nothing can prepare you for the punch in the gut when you hear those three words “You have cancer” yet those are the words I heard on January 13th. More specifically, “You have breast cancer”. Hardest words I’ve ever heard. This is a battle I never expected to face and I’m still absorbing all the… Continue reading My Battle Will Be Won