MAGA Rising


MAGA RISING – Keep America Red Tour

I’ve been asked to speak at this incredible event being planned by Matt Couch from America First Media Group. The goal of this event, which we hope will eventually take place in different locations around the country, is to bring together power #MAGA patriots who’ve led the charge on social media to rally to “Keep America Red”.

The first event is scheduled to take place in Kansas City, Missouri, June 29-30, at a yet undetermined location. It would be an honor to participate in this event, gather with my fellow patriots and rally the troops. We must do whatever we can to keep people engaged in local, state and federal elections so as to not lose any seats or power. It is imperative that we continue to support President Donald J. Trump by electing officials who back his #AmericaFirst agenda. The time is now. We can no longer sit idly.

Keynote speakers include Ed Butowsky, Matt Couch, Jared Beck, Ty Clevenger, Educating Libs, Jack Murphy, Collin Rugg, Liz Crokin, Saltwater Patricia, and more!

I would greatly appreciate any donations to help me participate in this event. If I can attend this event I would proudly Periscope for everyone to watch. To donate via PayPal: paypal.me/saltwaterheart.

For more information and to purchase tickets to the KC MAGA Rising event https://magarising.com.

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