Nashville Play Time

Looks like I’m headed back to Nashville in June for CMA Fanfest after receiving a special invite from John Rich’s business partner TJ (of Big & Rich notoriety).

JR’s new bar Redneck Riviera Nashville is opening this month down on Broadway and I can’t wait to get out there and rock the place in my RNR cowboy boots that were given to me by John Rich himself!


Had the pleasure of meeting JR and spending over an hour at his house back in December. Got the full tour of the bar and live music venue in his home along with the rooftop are overlooking downtown Nashville. Talk about beautiful!

Super nice guy and very generous. Within a month he sent over my beautiful “Freedom (Bitches) Boots”.

Want a pair of RNR boots? They have men & women’s! Get them here 👇🏽


Those who know me know that Nashville has very special place in my heart. My dearest high school girl friend Cynthia and her husband live there and have blessed me with invites on multiple occasions. Nashville has been very good to me including being able to spend time with ones of my besties Alex who, believe it or not, I met on twitter a few years ago. Who knew?

This last visit brought me truly special memories with my family and also the pleasure of connecting with an incredible artist and performer Adam Bruno.

Caught his show at Florida Georgia Line House (one of the best places in Nash!).

Adam is not only an amazing performer but one of the funniest people I know. If you get the chance to check out his music, maybe even buy a song/album or two 👉🏽, I’d be super grateful to you for supporting my friend.


My favorite song of his: 👉🏽https://soundcloud.com/adambrunomusic/chance-to-lose-it-all

I can’t wait to get back next month to continue building friendships! Ready, set, go!

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