Was Kate Spade Involved in PizzaGate?

Looks like designer Kate Spade may have been a part of #PizzaGate and was definitely tied to the Clinton Foundation.

As award-winning author & journalist Liz Crokin put it, “What are the odds that hundreds of associates of one family have “committed suicide” or died in freak accidents?” Sure does make you think.

It turns out Kate Spade was Emeritus Chair at the New York Center for Children and the Clinton Foundation in Haiti.

Her husband, Andy Spade, seems to be obsessed with pizza. Funny, I’ve never posted obsessively about pizza. Why, then, do all these celebrities have an obsession?



Reminder: Chris Cornell and best friend Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington were said have been investigating pedophilia when each mysteriously committed suicide in the same manner, Chris first and Chester within a month, on Chris’ birthday.

Just a few things to think about.


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