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Red Tide Epidemic in Florida

They could be treating the infected water as it drains so it doesn’t carry the bacteria into the rivers and then directly to the ocean. Let’s see… they could fix the dike at the lake so it would hold more water in. The Sun Sentinel explains it so the average citizen can grasp the issue: “The danger of doing nothing is significant: Authorities fear rising waters could burst through the lake’s decades-old dike, a towering mound of rock, gravel and shell encircling the lake to guard against flooding.”

A local owner and captain of Tail Chaser Charter Services out of Englewood, Florida, Chris ONeill, recently started to address the issue as manatee, sea turtles and other large creatures that have never been affected by red tide before, have washed ashore. His videos have gone viral and have since been aired on state media outlets such as WINK News.

Please help get the word out about this major issue affecting local residents, tourism and the local economy.

Photos taken from Chris ONeill’s facebook page from his story with Fox 4 Now.

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