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James Woods Faces Hollywood Backlash

If it’s not one conservative in Hollywood being attacked, it’s another. Today’s target: James Woods.

Being a vocal conservative in the land of fruits and nuts has gotten Woods a lot of heat from his fellow actors. Yesterday, on Independence Day, his talent agent Ken Kaplan of Gersh Agency, sent him an email cutting ties with the legendary actor. Without stating the reasons why, simply saying “I don’t want to represent you anymore”, Kaplan ended their professional (and probably personal) relationship.

In my personal opinion, Woods’ response was much too kind.

Liberals have lost all ability to carry on any type of relationship with people unlike themselves. They are further alienating Middle America or anyone who doesn’t believe in their extremist ways.

What’s my response? I say keep going. It’ll be fun to watch your heads explode when your #BlueWave never arrives during midterms. Please… keep going.

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