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Open Letter to Ron DeSantis – Lake O & Toxic Algae Crisis

Dear Congressman DeSantis,

I am a staunch supporter of yours, specifically of the work you’ve done since arriving to United States Congress five years ago.

I’ve watched you battle the establishment, on behalf of President Trump and more specifically on behalf of the American people. You’ve done so on so many issues. If you weren’t declining the congressional pension, you were creating a bill to end pensions for the entirety of congress. Other vital bills you created but that of course members of Congress will never pass would make a huge impact on where the American people’s money goes such as No Exemption for Washington from ObamaCare, Term Limits, Exposing the Congressional Hush Fund and Drain The Swamp Act. In addition, you’ve had a hand in the Targeting Child Predators Act and Higher Education Reform and Opportunities Act. All of this is very important work.

More information on the above can be found here: Ron DeSantis – The Anti-Establishment Candidate.

We’ve also seen you in action during many Congressional hearings. I’ve seen your dedication in trying to get at the truth during the Peter Strzok hearing where you grilled the disgraced FBI agent regarding his blatant bias against the president. His defiant attitude and disinterest in answering the questions honestly was obvious but you continued to interrogate him anyway.

You also did an incredible job in questioning Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein during his hearing on Capitol Hill. You didn’t allow Rosenstein to skate over the questions. Your expertise with the law was prevalent while he attempted to bulldoze the truth. You proved how well you understood the American people’s concerns for the way the Justice Department and FBI have handled the witch hunt into “Russian collusion” by the Trump Campaign.

Now that you are running for Governor of Florida, I’ve jumped behind your campaign, fought for your beliefs and tried to show my fellow Floridians why you should be the GOP nominee.

The one issue I have personal concerns about that I think it’s imperative that you address is Red Tide in combination with toxic blue-green algae as a result of the runoff into Lake Okeechobee which is being drained into the St. Lucie River east and the Coloosahatchee River west which eventually dumps into the Gulf Of Mexico in the SWFL community where I reside.

This is and of itself is a major issue, however, in recent weeks and months, we’ve had deceased sea creatures of varying sizes wash ashore on our local beaches. It’s not just a few animals. We’ve had carcasses of manatees, Goliath grouper, dolphins, whale shark and sea turtles wash ashore along with thousands of other fish and sea life. This is not only heartbreaking but it’s become hazardous to our health.

Our local seaside communities are not only losing tourism business which is decimating local business, we can’t breathe in our own towns due to the toxic fumes from the deceased animals.

I am personally extending an invitation to you to come out to our local beaches such as Englewood Beach or Boca Grande, to see the devastation and address our concerns. I would request that Chris ONeill, Owner, Operator and Captain of Tail Chaser Charter Services, meet with you directly. Chris has been at the forefront of the movement to force our media and government to recognize the seriousness of the situation and to help find reasonable solutions so we don’t have to suffer any longer.

Please, Congressman DeSantis, hear our pleas and make this a top issue for your campaign against Adam Putnam, a known establishment career politician who has had more than ample opportunity to fix the Lake Okeechobee drainage issue as Florida Agricultural Commissioner.

5 thoughts on “Open Letter to Ron DeSantis – Lake O & Toxic Algae Crisis”

  1. Thank you for writing this heartfelt letter. I read it and cried. This is such an important issue that needs to be addressed asap and not another five years down the road. My vote will be for whomever makes this a priority.


  2. Our beautiful state in which we know and love will be a toxic wasteland if something isn’t done now. Please help.


  3. Great letter hope he voices his position and stance on this environmental disaster. Everybody living in south Florida needs to find and vote for a candidate that will stop these discharges.


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