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Kanye West Tries to Arrange White House Visit With Kaepernick

Kanye West tells TMZ Sports’ Harvey Levin that he called the controversial football player and new spokesman for NIKE this morning to attempt to bring together the football player and President Trump for a discussion.

In a back and forth where Levin pushes his points onto West, YE as he prefers to be called now, in his red Make America Great Again hat, pushes back, “We’re not making a point. You’re gonna ask me a question.” Levin’s response, “Do you give up on somebody growing when they are unrelenting at a point where you say they are who they are?”

YE comes back immediately with the perfect response, “And I love it. Now you asked me the perfect question. You set me up to win. We never give up on anyone. We never give up on anyone. Now let me even make that more positive. We move forward. We give love. We keep going. We keep having the conversation until the conversation turns to love. We keep going.

YE continues, “I’ve been calling Colin this morning, reaching him, so I could bring Colin to the White House and we could remove that ‘sons of b**ches’ statement and we can be on the same page.”

Powerful stuff, YE. Keep going.

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