The Good Ol’ Boys’ Club Needs Change

Below is a letter I wrote to my local Republican Executive Committee (which I am a member) after experiencing the good ol’ boys’ club’s lack of interest in change or even entertaining that there might be an alternative to what they’ve believed and even been fed over the last few decades.
THIS is exactly why I’ve been disenfranchised with the GOP as a whole. The Grand Old Party is exactly that – a party based on old ideas who’s unwilling to budge on ideas or thoughts and sadly, in my case here, not interested in hearing from women.
At our last REC meeting, the chairman stood at the podium and dared to lecture us (like we’re sheeple) about the effects of “red tide”, which in fact has been proven it’s not simply red tide (as you’ll read in my letter). This is a prime example of why the GOP fails to grow more rapidly. Well, that and the fact that we as a party don’t stick together. I truly believe the Democrat party is a detriment to our country’s ideals and values and will destroy us completely if we give them the opportunity to control Congress, however, they almost always stick together as a party.
My letter
I do not agree with the chairman on the “red tide” issue – it is not simply a red tide issue. If you read the research, the biggest issue in combination with the red tide is TOXIC ALGAE. Two completely different factors that the chairman failed to address. I think it’s dangerous to not look at all factors involved in this epidemic we are experiencing and even more dangerous to pass off only a small portion of the information and research that is out there. I personally like to do my research and look at all angles. Unfortunately, that was not done nor has anyone bothered to invite alternative viewpoints to our REC meeting.
Here is one group (of many) that has a viewpoint which involved ALL factors that could potentially be causing this outbreak.
I urge you to read it, research and even contact Captains For Clean Water (I’d be happy to introduce you). You might even consider reaching out to Erin Brockovich (Again, I’ll gladly introduce you) for her research (I’d say she’s become quite the expert on the subject of water and toxins).
As long as we stay stagnant in old school thoughts nothing will ever change. And whether our politicians are Democrat or Republican (Rick Scott), they are responsible for action (or non-action) during this epidemic. It may not affect you personally, but living closer to the coast I’ve personally been ill due to the toxins and I’ve witnessed many others become sick as well. I’ve seen the devastation of the beaches and sea life, the business that are suffering along the coast and the locals who no longer want to live here.
Lastly, I held a roundtable for Congressman Ron DeSantis last month in Englewood Beach to discuss red tide/toxic algae as a result of my open letter to him (read here: Open Letter to Ron DeSantis – Lake O & Toxic Algae Crisis). I invited the chairman along with four others from the REC (Due to size constraints, I wasn’t able to invite the entire REC). Christine was the only person who showed up though two others had to decline. I was disappointed not to receive even a “no thank you” from the other two board members.
Photos from the roundtable event with Congressman DeSantis (now Florida GOP gubernatorial candidate).
IMG_1349IMG_7932IMG_7948Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 9.08.31 PM
Bottom Line
The GOP needs to change if it wants to succeed. We voted for President Donald J. Trump for change and now we as a party are standing in the way of that change.

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