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Journalist Confronts Florida Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum

My favorite new journalist Jacob Engels of Central Florida Post is the male version of Laura Loomer.

Engels showed up to Florida gubernatorial Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum’s press conference today in Orlando where he confronted Gillum over his former staffer Manny Orozco who posted a photo of himself wearing a T-shirt with a map of the USA on it that said “Dumbf***istan” (referencing President Donald Trump supporters) on Instagram. Engels led the charge in exposing Gillum’s staffer who had also tweeted calling for President Trump to be executed amongst racist comments and other disparaging racist and sexual comments. Orozco has since been fired.

In the video below, Engels can be seen yelling “Dumbf***istan” at Gillum at the press conference.

Engels’ articles has been working to expose the staffer along with reporting on accusations that Gillum has been having an extramarital relationship with male lobbyist Adam Cory who was once Gillum’s campaign treasurer. For more on this story read here: Gillum Had Relationship With Male Lobbyist.

To stay up to date follow Engels on twitter @JacobEngels @JacobEngels

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