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Sheriff Clarke Building The Wall

Yesterday @SheriffClarke asked me to pass along information on the #BorderWall being built in Sunland Park, NM, w/ money raised by Brian Kolfage, a triple amputee the result of his Air Force unit coming under rocket attack serving in Iraq. Donate here 👉🏼

PHOTOS PROVIDED BY Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr.

A few words from @SheriffClarke:

“We got done what the gov, Trump excluded, cannot and will not. This is just the start. We have 10 other sites on private property we are working on.
Have to keep raising money to do this. F*ck the government and people obstructing Pres Trump. We’ll do it. Border Patrol silently loves this! This 2 mile stretch is a strategic crossing point for the cartels controlling the Mexican side of the border. Under the watchful eye of a Mexican government drone and police on the ground.Last night our construction workers were getting rocks thrown at them by Mexicans on the other side. In a few days they will be done and this area will be sealed off.”

The wall is being built on private property & funded by those of you who have donated to the Go Fund Me started by Brian Kolfage. Please keep this going to continue to raise money & awareness.

More info: Border wall funded through GoFundMe will be completed soon, group says…/we-build-the-wall…/1271081001/

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