Saltwater ❤️ Patricia 7 Day Ban from Twitter

Yesterday I received a seven day ban from Twitter after responding to a nasty troll that attacked me for my Christian values. And before you tell me I’m a “fake Christian” because I swear, remove the plank from your own eye. If you think Jesus would live in 2020 and NOT fight back you’re sadly mistaken.

Twitter made me remove my tweet and STILL banned me for seven days.

Lesson: If you’re a conservative don’t fight back on social media or they’ll have your head.

When will President Trump, Don Jr., and the rest of the elites stand up for the little people? This is my 2nd main account to be targeted. First account, @swflbeachbabe, was banned from Twitter two years ago with 32K followers. Follow my backup @nashvillebaby1 to stay connected but I’m not particularly interested in sticking around on Twitter anymore to be eaten by the wolves and not be allowed to fight back.

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