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A Life Worth Living Again

Cancer – that ugly word that nobody ever expects to hear. How do I even begin to explain how deeply this disease has affected me even now after I can say I’ve beaten it? Nobody can truly comprehend what one goes through from diagnosis, breast removal, treatment, aftercare and reconstructive surgeries.

There are many days where I feel alone, like even those who’ve been there for me emotionally don’t grasp the severity of what this has done to my body, my soul, my heart. It’s a lonely feeling to not be able to reach out for fear of judgment, rejection (I’ve already dealt with enough of it) or simply realizing someone was never an authentic friend to begin with.

A few of weeks ago I had a very special visitor who helped my state of mind tremendously. His visit gave me hope, made me feel alive again, and helped me to let go of some of my sadness. As I work my way through all the emotion of having moved to a new city while simultaneously dealing with a major health crisis and not having yet begun my career here, I’ve been lucky to dip my toes into aspects of artist management and public relations simply by being with the right people.

Last week I had my dear friend Ret. Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke here for a few days while he was filming a commercial. Besides having been my ear, my cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on and simply just reminding me he’s always there, he’s helped to keep my spirits high with his humor and wit. Here are a few photos from our adventures around Nashville from Opryland to the Country Museum Hall of Fame to rooftop bars on Broadway to my good friend country singer of Big & Rich, John Rich’s house Mt. Richmore.

I was lucky enough to meet John Rich (JR) over five years ago through a client I was working with at the time and even more blessed to have been able to stay in touch with him and his business partner TJ, do some business together and hang with them in town. When I learned that David was coming to town I immediately reached out to TJ to see if we could set up a time to visit with JR because I’d been wanting these two all around American cowboys to meet one another for a long time. Little did I know they’d previously met already. TJ, being the kind and dependable friend and businessman that he is, worked with JR to find time in his already busy calendar for us to meet with JR in his home. Below are the photos from our visit (my second time in JR’s beautiful home) where we spent an hour and a half talking about everything you can imagine. Thank you JR, for always welcoming me into your home with open arms and being such a warm, kind soul. I’m fortunate to know you.

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