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God Magik iTunes Pre-order

We hope you’ll support all the independent artists on this album by pre-ordering the record on iTunes here. This link will only work on phones. Apple is blocking iTunes links from working and redirecting to Apple Music in the hopes of getting customers to sign up for streaming instead (they make more money and artists make a whole lot less!).

God Magik Track List:

1.     Be Real – John Preston (Writer John Preston)

2.     If I Could – Natalia Damini (Writer Natalia Damini)

3.     Two Different Worlds – Joshua Hughett (Writers Joshua Hughett, Jessica Terrell and Leah Crose)

4.     Lately – Maurice Mayfield (Writers Maurice Mayfield, John Preston and Shane Roberts)

5.     What I Believe – Kela Sako (Writer John Preston)

6.     Chance to Lose It All – Adam Bruno (Writer Adam Bruno)

7.     With Love – Melissa Barrison (Writer John Preston)

8.     Don’t Let Go – 5ilas Feat. John Preston and Kela Sako (Writers John Preston and Shane Roberts)

9. Jackson Medley – Can You Feel It / I’ll Be There – John Preston, 5ilas, Melissa Barrison and Kela Sako (Writers Michael Jackson and Jackie Jackson) / (Writers Bob West, Hal Davis, Willie Hutch and Berry Gordy)

10. Acceptance – 5ilas (Writer Shane Roberts)


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