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Nashville Artist Adam Bruno Featured on GOD MAGIK, A Breast Cancer Compilation Album


February 17, 2023 (NASHVILLE, TN) – Nashville singer/songwriter Adam Bruno will be featured on God Magik – Hope & Perseverance, a compilation album developed to bring awareness to breast cancer.

Bruno’s track “Chance to Lose It All”, written six years ago during the most difficult night of his life, is an honest look at the possibility of losing a loved one amidst a health battle like many cancer patients face. “Over the last six years I have met so many people brave enough to tell their stories of battling some type of cancer, losing their child(ren) to it, and giving up pieces of themselves just to stay ahead of this disease”, Bruno said speaking candidly of his personal experience with the disease. “If I’m being honest, the power of hearing about the hope they found in a song, or a friend, and how they continue fighting every single day starts dismantling my own walls.”

The album concept was born when Executive Producer and artist John Preston, heard about his friend and fellow Concore Entertainment musician Shane “5ilas” Roberts’ wife and mother of his children being diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and thyroid cancer. Their personal battle laid the foundation for the God Magik album.

John Preston Music, in partnership with Concore Entertainment and Sony Music / The Orchard Distribution, will release the multi-genre compilation album February 24, 2023. God Magik will highlight the personal struggles and fights for the many people across the globe that have been plagued with the vicious monster we all know as cancer, including Middle Tennessee-based Co-Producer Patricia Passaretti, who was diagnosed with two forms of stage 1a breast cancer in January of 2022. “The hope is to bring awareness to other women (and men) about early detection and learning to advocate for yourself in a system that sometimes fails, where patients are often denied the proper diagnostic tools,” Passaretti states. “If I didn’t have an incredible doctor who took the necessary steps to diagnosing my cancers, I could have been much worse off. This is why I speak out and wanted to be a part of such an incredible project.”

As soon as Passaretti agreed to be a part of the project, she immediately knew she had to bring her good friend Nashville singer/songwriter Adam Bruno with his song Chance to the table, knowing the tender subject and how powerful the lyrics were. “When John and I spoke about the album, Chance was the first song that popped into my mind. I’d spent the last couple of years listening to it and knew that it would have a major impact on our listeners,” she said.

God Magik consists of TEN tracks, including Bruno’s “Chance to Lose It All”, “Be Real” by John Preston, “If I Could” by Brazilian pop singer Natalia Damini who hit #1 on the Billboard Emerging Artist Chart with her single “Crazy”, among other up and coming artists. The album additionally features two other local artists, electric fiddler Melissa Barrison who tours with country singer Coffey Anderson, and Joshua Hughett who was discovered by Passaretti playing alongside Barrison on the Broadway scene. 

God Magik Track List:

  1. Be Real – John Preston (Writer John Preston)
  2. If I Could – Natalia Damini (Writer Natalia Damini)
  3. Two Different Worlds – Joshua Hughett (Writers Joshua Hughett, Jessica Terrell and Leah Crose)
  4. Lately – Maurice Mayfield (Writers Maurice Mayfield, John Preston and Shane Roberts)
  5. What I Believe – Kela Sako (Writer John Preston)
  6. Chance to Lose It All – Adam Bruno (Writer Adam Bruno)
  7. With Love – Melissa Barrison (Writer John Preston)
  8. Don’t Let Go – 5ilas Feat. John Preston and Kela Sako (Writers John Preston and Shane Roberts)
  9. Jackson Medley – Can You Feel It / I’ll Be There – John Preston, 5ilas, Melissa Barrison and Kela Sako (Writers Michael Jackson and Jackie Jackson) / (Writers Bob West, Hal Davis, Willie Hutch and Berry Gordy)
  10. Acceptance – 5ilas (Writer Shane Roberts)

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About Adam Bruno:

Adam Bruno is an award-winning singer/songwriter from Nashville. Raised in Tampa Bay, FL, he moved to Music City where he quickly became a mainstay on the Broadway scene.

Bruno has played some of the most prestigious bars and venues in Nashville including 3rd and Lindsley, The Listening Room and the legendary Bluebird Cafe. He currently performs regularly at Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa, Luke’s 32 Bridge and Jason Aldean’s Kitchen + Rooftop Bar.


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