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God Magik Album Available

This might be the single best project I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on. The day my doctor called to tell me my biopsy results came back and it was breast cancer is one I’ll never forget. The words rocked me to my core. The news could have sent me into a downward spiral but in my heart and soul I knew this was all happening to me for a very specific reason. Though I didn’t know why at the time, I had this undeniable faith in the Lord and I knew that my story would be part of a bigger one. 

It was shortly after that John Preston reached out to me (I didn’t even know him at the time) and asked me to be a part of the God Magik project. Not only has he been the Executive Producer on the album and a singer/performer, he has been there for me, listened to my tears, been a confidant, and a dear friend.

The journey of making an album has its own ups and downs but nothing compares to that of going through the cancer journey. This album kept me focused and moving forward while I dealt with treatment, surgeries (removal of my breasts), reconstruction and other major health issues I wasn’t anticipating. I consider myself one of the lucky ones for what I was given to deal with as there are women with stories much deeper and more difficult than mine.

If you’re dealing with breast cancer (or any form of cancer or serious illness) I hope that God Magik can become your anthem as it has been for me. 

Special thanks to all artists involved who’ve shared their beautifully written stories and their voices with us and the world. 

Extra special thanks to Charve the Don, CEO of Concore Entertainment, who believed in this from the very beginning and allowed us to run with it and do our thing. Thank you for supporting us. ❤️


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