About Saltwater


Brief Bio
God-fearing Christian, unapologetic patriot, Political Activist. Stand for what is right, even if it means standing alone.

A conservative activist who fights for our cause. Working to right the wrongs against us. I’m a community leader, pushing forward a conservative agenda to do what’s best for my community and my country.

Me in action at a roundtable event I planned and executed in Englewood Beach, FL, featuring then-Congressman and GOP Primary gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis.


More About Me

Ciao! I’m Patricia – a feisty NY-born Italian girl from SWFL. I’ve been involved in the music industry for over 20 years as artist management and public relations.

Music has been my entire world up until 2015 when Donald J. Trump announced his run for presidency. Who knew? Well actually, I did! I’d predicted in 2013 that Trump would run. I spent many hours tweeting at him begging him to run because I knew he was exactly what this country needed to alter our downward spiral from years of globalist presidents and other establishment politicians.

So the days and weeks leading up to DJT coming down the escalator at Trump Tower I just knew in my heart of hearts that he was announcing that HIS time had finally come. I knew he was sent from God to fix the disaster that the United States had become.

On Twitter I’d garnered 32K followers when my account was suddenly suspended for… you guessed it – being a conservative! So I started a new account and within a year I’d surpassed my original follower count and am now currently sitting idle at 57K. I’ve become somewhat of a known figure in politics and through twitter.

I am currently working with a music client based in Nashville (singer-songwriter Adam Bruno – check him out as he’s gonna be next-level shortly) and am in talks with a few brands and politicians to help with social media branding. I’m also a contributor to America First Media Group (AFMG) along with several other new independent media organizations.

In addition to the above, I am a former elected official through my local Republican Executive Committee here in SWFL, an unpaid, volunteer position which I held for over two years. I left the local GOP over a year ago after feeling like I wasn’t being heard or respected (story for another time). I also work the local polls during each election.

Finding myself a leader of the conservative movement that is MAGA hasn’t been the easiest road. Being a target for trolls and even other conservatives has left me disinterested in twitter at times. Twitter has been the basis of my bread & butter. I started this website where I post updates, write articles and share photos of my adventures in music and politics. I recently came back from CMA Fanfest where I was able to hang with my buddies from Redneck Riviera (John Rich included) and the previously aforementioned Adam Bruno.

Thank you for sharing my adventures with me. God bless!

Favorite quote: She has fire in her soul and grace in her heart.

My Amazon store: www.amazon.com/shop/trumpgirlstrong