Brief Bio
Unapologetic patriot, God-fearing Christian, Political Activist. Stand for what is right, even if it means standing alone.  Booking speaking engagements for Fox News Contributor Kevin Jackson. Campaign Manager for Minot, ND, Mayoral Candidate Tore Maras-Lindeman @drlindeman.


More About Me
I’m a feisty Italian girl with a passion for music that began as a little girl. I come from a NY famiglia Italiana. I have a sharp tongue but a loving heart. I’ve worked in the music industry ever since I can remember, helping friends in bands to get their name out. Eventually I would manage and do publicity for several bands and travel the U.S. and Puerto Rico where I would meet some of the most interesting and unique people, some of whom would become my best friends. I’ve lived, laughed and loved. I’ve been blessed to experience falling in love, meeting people from around the world, and learning some of the greatest lessons of my life. I’m honored to live such a full life and look forward to sharing my stories with you. Keep reading!