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Sheriff Clarke Building The Wall

Yesterday @SheriffClarke asked me to pass along information on the #BorderWall being built in Sunland Park, NM, w/ money raised by Brian Kolfage, a triple amputee the result of his Air Force unit coming under rocket attack serving in Iraq. Donate here 👉🏼 PHOTOS PROVIDED BY Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. A few words from… Continue reading Sheriff Clarke Building The Wall

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MAGA Fights Back

It's about time #MAGA starts fighting back using the same tools and tactics of the batshit crazy left. The've been using the Alinsky playbook for about two years now. Because we haven't been fighting back in the same manner, we're playing gentle, the behavior has increased in frequency and nature. I've been saying for a… Continue reading MAGA Fights Back

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FBI – Federal Bureau of Idiots

I've about had it with the upper echelon of law enforcement. Between Jeff Sessions' recusal from the Russia investigation and his lack of interest in pursuing an investigation against the Clinton Cabal for the many crimes committed (Clinton Foundation/Haiti stolen funds, Clinton rapes, abuse of email and private server, disappearing 30K emails and much more),… Continue reading FBI – Federal Bureau of Idiots


Run, Mr. Trump, Run!

REPOST From Blogger 1/29/2017 This last year and a half has been such a journey for me throughout the campaigning and election process but my journey on the #TrumpTrain🚂💨💨 began a long time ago. It began in 2012 when I started becoming more actively involved in and concerned about the political climate of our country.… Continue reading Run, Mr. Trump, Run!