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Back to the Trump Campaign Trail

Flashback to when things were fun. Now people have become vile and hateful due to their #TrumpDerangementSyndrome. I miss #MAGA. https://youtu.be/rUJiEfCEkZk

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MAGA Fights Back

It's about time #MAGA starts fighting back using the same tools and tactics of the batshit crazy left. The've been using the Alinsky playbook for about two years now. Because we haven't been fighting back in the same manner, we're playing gentle, the behavior has increased in frequency and nature. I've been saying for a… Continue reading MAGA Fights Back

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Asking for Help Isn’t Always Easy

The last few years have been exciting to say the least. I've had the pleasure of meeting and developing friendships with some high profile people (Hannity, Gorka, Sheriff Clarke to name a few), helping them with their needs and projects and connecting them with others, but today I'm reaching out asking for YOUR help. I… Continue reading Asking for Help Isn’t Always Easy