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Open Letter to Ron DeSantis – Lake O & Toxic Algae Crisis

Dear Congressman DeSantis, I am a staunch supporter of yours, specifically of the work you've done since arriving to United States Congress five years ago. I've watched you battle the establishment, on behalf of President Trump and more specifically on behalf of the American people. You've done so on so many issues. If you weren't… Continue reading Open Letter to Ron DeSantis – Lake O & Toxic Algae Crisis

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Red Tide Epidemic in Florida

They could be treating the infected water as it drains so it doesn't carry the bacteria into the rivers and then directly to the ocean. Let's see... they could fix the dike at the lake so it would hold more water in. The Sun Sentinel explains it so the average citizen can grasp the issue:… Continue reading Red Tide Epidemic in Florida

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My Interview with The Uncensored Report

If you haven't seen The Uncensored Report with Francesco Abbruzzino you should check it out, especially if you're from Southwest Florida. He's always got the inside scoop. Today's show featured moi. We talked about the Florida governor's race, the drainage from Lake Okeechobee and the effects its having on the coastal towns of Florida, my… Continue reading My Interview with The Uncensored Report