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Sheriff Clarke Building The Wall

Yesterday @SheriffClarke asked me to pass along information on the #BorderWall being built in Sunland Park, NM, w/ money raised by Brian Kolfage, a triple amputee the result of his Air Force unit coming under rocket attack serving in Iraq. Donate here 👉🏼 PHOTOS PROVIDED BY Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. A few words from… Continue reading Sheriff Clarke Building The Wall

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Democrats’ Dangerous Game

The level of vitriol coming from the left has only strengthened over time from lack of conservative fighting back. These are dangerous times we're living in and if we don't start pushing back hard, somebody is going to get seriously injured or even killed and we'll have the Democrats to thank for it. As if… Continue reading Democrats’ Dangerous Game

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MAGA Fights Back

It's about time #MAGA starts fighting back using the same tools and tactics of the batshit crazy left. The've been using the Alinsky playbook for about two years now. Because we haven't been fighting back in the same manner, we're playing gentle, the behavior has increased in frequency and nature. I've been saying for a… Continue reading MAGA Fights Back