My Story

With a Bachelor of Arts in Radio, TV and Film from San Jose State University and a minor in Journalism (concentration: news writing), I discovered a true passion for writing and honed my skills in public relations. I was given the opportunity to work with the brilliant and talented Puerto Rican singer/songwriter Ignacio Peña and his rock band Bletzung. After booking Ignacio to participate in and perform at LAMC (featured on LATV) in Los Angeles, I planned and executed a tour of the Southwestern U.S. where he & his band performed on such TV & radio shows as Mas Musica, LATV Live, The Red Zone and at SXSW Music Festival. I have acted as liaison between artist and record label, all forms of media, venues and fans, and have honed my public relations skills writing press releases and setting up interviews with TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and online media.

As a promoter, I obtained national & international radio and music video airplay and gained media attention for the talent whose songs sat on the Radio & Records music charts for months. I have continued to manage public relations and sponsorships for Ignacio Peña and his latest project, “The Great Planet Earth Debate” (TGPED) and its bilingual counterpart, “El Gran Debate del Planeta Tierra.” A Mission to Bridge the Gap Between Traditional Education and Entertainment, TGPED is music + science + video = education.

Specialties: Contract negotiation, developing talent, scheduling tours, writing bios, producing and editing press releases.

After years of working in music, I developed a passion for politics and found myself campaigning for Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. It was during the campaign that I developed business relationships with some of the top news media personalities including Sean Hannity and former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke and began assisting with social media research.

Formerly represented Charlotte County as a Republican Executive Committeewoman.

Music management consultant: Nashville-based singer-songwriter Adam Bruno.