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REPOST: Antonio Sabato, Jr., Announces Bid For Congress

Actor heartthrob and former Calvin Klein underwear model Antonio Sabato, Jr., best known for his roles on General Hospital and Melrose Place, is ready to help turn California red. Sabato officially threw his hat in the political ring as a Republican candidate for California’s 26thDistrict to challenge incumbent Julia Brownley in the 2018 midterm elections.

The 26thDistrict, which is comprised of most of Ventura County and is located to the west of Los Angeles County, was once represented by a Republican from 2002 until Brownley won the seat in 2012. Brownley, according to Sabato’s campaign website, “was recently named by a nonpartisan data firm as one of the least effective members of Congress.” Sabato hopes to bring change to his District as a political outsider by focusing his platform on tough immigration reform, veteran affairs, and the current opioid crisis.

The Italian-born United States naturalized citizen Sabato jumped into the political fray when he came out in liberal Hollywood openly supporting then-presidential candidate Donald Trump in his bid for the White House. Speaking at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, in July of 2016, he affirmed his reasons for coming out. “You might be wondering why I chose to speak. Well, the truth is that I never considered myself very political or spoken out politically before but my belief in this country and my faith in Jesus Christ have compelled me to speak now.” He has since claimed he’s been blacklisted in Hollywood due to his political stance and support for Trump.

Having grown tired of professional politicians running the country and his state into socialism, Sabato is ready to bring much needed change to Southern California. In a time where the GOP is 5-0 on special election victories (one of which was a runoff in Georgia’s 6thCongressional District) and his connection to the president, Sabato appears to have a good chance at winning the congressional seat.

Help #MakeCaliforniaGreatAgain. Donate to his campaign here:

Sabato speaking at the 2016 Republican Nation Convention.

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